Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hollywood's Moral Depravity

In the headline for this story the author calls "Hounddog" a "coming of age story."

Back when rumors first began to circulate, the film now known as "Hounddog" existed only in script form and was officially referred to as the "Untitled Dakota Fanning Project." As principal photography got underway, however, talk of possible child abuse both in the film and in the filming began to surface online. At the center of the controversy a rape scene involving Fanning's character.

Written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier and filmed in North Carolina, "Hounddog" is a dark story revolving around an abused young girl and her efforts to heal and survive through her obsession with Elvis Presley and his music. Fanning, who turns thirteen next month, spoke of the setting during a recent interview with Time Magazine.

That's right. This is a movie in which a then-twelve year-old girl acts out scenes of rape and mutual masturbation.

Some of the hard-hitting excerpts from this article, in which the author is clearly concerned with the well-being of this possible abused child:
"Being hip to Big Mama when you're only twelve is rather cool, indeed."

According to reports, Fanning, although not familiar with a ski-town environment, is very excited to hit the slopes during her stay."

The fuss in general seems to be about whether such a young actress should have been used in the actual filming."