Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iraqi Leader Says Iraq Can Police Itself - With Our Guns

"Give us guns – and troops can go, says Iraqi leader." Ungrateful bastard, how about we pull out and let you get slaughtered.

That was my initial reaction, but mulling it around the old brain a little more, I guess I can't tell if he's ungrateful or not, maybe he's grateful and just thinks the Iraqis are ready to take over policing their country. Who knows? Not me, because I'm too lazy to read the story; the headline just caught my attention.

Maybe I'll read it.

Looks like he's just a prideful guy:

Asked how long Iraq would require US troops, Mr al-Maliki said: “If we succeed in implementing the agreement between us to speed up the equipping and providing weapons to our military forces, I think that within three to six months our need for American troops will dramatically go down. That is on condition that there are real, strong efforts to support our military forces and equipping and arming them.”

Hey, if the Iraqis think they can defend themselves then I think most Americans would be happy to get the Hell out of there. Here's hoping.

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