Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chimps Use Spears To Kill Bushbabies

Wow. Who would have thought that liberal scientists would have been able to spin a finding like this into a feminist revision of the far-distant history:

Chimpanzees are capable of making spears to hunt other primates and have been seen using the weapons to apparently kill bushbabies for meat, scientists announced today.

The researchers based their findings on observations of omnivorous chimpanzees that dwell in savannahs similar to those from which humanity's ancestors are thought to have emerged.

"It is not adult males, but young chimpanzees, including adolescent females, who are exhibiting this behavior," Jill Pruetz, a primatologist at Iowa State University, told LiveScience.

"This has important implications for how we think about the evolution of tool use in our own species," Pruetz added. "We have tended to emphasize the role of adult males in hunting, and this research supports the assertion that we should not ignore females and other individuals."
Hell. They can't even give humans any credit for advancing Chimp civilization:
Earlier this month, scientists reported that chimpanzees used stone tools as early as 4,300 years ago, suggesting that they learned to make and use the tools on their own, rather than copying humans.
The left is going to have trouble with this issue because in one way, it appeals to their nature of loving when things with "Bush" in their name are being killed. On the other hand, they would be outraged if they found humans who killed bushbabies with spears, and since they think of humans as nothing but glorified apes, they really ought to hold Chimps to the same standard.