Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chlorine Car Bombs In Production

Sounds like the chlorine car-bomb craze is catching on amongst terrorists in Iraq:

BAGHDAD, Feb. 22 — American troops on a raid near Falluja discovered three car bombs under construction in a bomb-making factory that appeared intended to be used with chemicals, the chief American military spokesman in Baghdad said today.

Five of the buildings raided by American forces were packed with munitions and chemicals, he said.

The discovery follows three gas attacks in the past month in which insurgents used truck bombs to deploy chlorine, a greenish gas that burns the skin and can be fatal after just a few deep breaths. The latest such bombing on Wednesday in southern Baghdad killed at least two people and wounded 32 others, many exhibiting symptoms of chlorine exposure.

The spokesman, Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, described the materials found in the raid as 65 propane tanks and ordinary chemicals, but he did not say any chlorine gas was found. He said the troops found “five complete buildings full of these various types of things to include car bombs that were being assembled and put together with propane tanks.
And liberals just can't get it into their pee-sized brains that if we cut-and-run out of Iraq, it won't be long before blood-thirsty terrorists come over here and start setting these bombs off in our streets. This is scaremongering, it's reality and common sense. Iraq is a target-rich environment full of American troops, and yes it has acted like a magnet for terrorist the world over - but that's a good thing. By smoking them out of their various homes and bringing them all to fight in one theater we increase our chances of victory.

As soon as we go back to pre-9/11 days when all of the Americans that you wanted to kill were here in America - well that's right where the terrorists are going to go, just like they did on 9/11.