Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dems Itching To Stop Corruption, Even If It's Made Up

This annoys me to no end.

Liberals and the mainstream media are whining and moaning that GW has fired a handful (8) of US attorneys while completely ignoring the fact that Clinton fired 93 of them!

And of course, ABC’s "justice correspondent" Pierre Thomas was quick to note:

Democrats suspect key White House advisor Karl Rove played a role in the firings and they want to investigate whether Republicans on Capitol Hill also were at play.
ABC is playing this as a scandal with the makings for "a trail that points straight to the top." However, no crime was committed here! Sound familiar (I'm looking at you, Ms. Plame!) Drudge today links to the very law that clearly states "United States Attorneys are subject to removal at the will of the President."

What is it liberals don't get about this! You waste people's time when you investigate things that aren't illegal! If the Democrats are so itching to take down corruption, they only need to look within their own party! Alcee Hastings, John Murtha, Harry Reid, William J. Jefferson, John Conyers, and Alan B. Mollohan, to name a few.

And now it looks like GW may have to throw a loyal staffer to the wolves. From Mexico (where he's busy promising Mexicans open borders), GW said "...mistakes were made and I'm frankly not happy about them.
" Of course, he's not referring to the firing of the attorneys, because absolutely nothing was wrong with that. He's referring to how the political "fallout" was handled.

Now, with Rummy gone, libs are itching for a new public enemy number one, and it looks like they may have found their man in Alberto Gonzalez. They've already started calling for his resignation. How long until he gets sick of the bitching and gives in like Rummy did?

Liberals are literally crippling our country's ability to defend its self. They pointlessly drag members of the Bush administration to court for hearings investigating events that aren't even crimes. They actually charge Scooter Libby for forgetting some dates while being investigated for an act that, surprise, wasn't a crime! They bitch and bitch until members of GW's cabinet resign. Can't they just let the government do its job; defend America? Apparently votes are more important to them than the lives of Americans.

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