Friday, March 16, 2007

Liberal Hatred

As LGF points out the nutroots are at it again in their vicious attacks on conservatives suffering with poor health, this time over Rummy's recent hospitalization for heart troubles. Over at the Politico the comments become outrageous, here's what a few of the well-wishers had to say:

THEY FOUND A HEART ? any chance they located a SOUL ? oh wait he sold that years ago

Rummy was probably having a heart installed, since he's not ever had one.

At least he could have gone to Walter Reed.

CBC [an earlier poster who said, "[G]od bless" Rumsfeld], God is blessing the entire Bush administration with his wrath right now. God has even warned people like you to take off the blinders and not follow these ravenous wolves, liars, murderers and thieves into perdition.

Wouldn't that require to actually have a heart ???

May God forgive all of rummy's followers, supporters, & peanut gallery crazies.

Why should any reasonable American care whether he lives or dies? Prisons are filled with the likes of Donald Rumsfeld.

Yeh Rizzo [who said Rummy's service was greatly appreciated], I bet it's really appreciated by these folks too:

Washington Heart Center? Were all the rat-infested rooms taken at Walter Reed?

The most surprising thing about this story is that Rumsfeld has a heart!!!!!!!!!!

Since Rumsfeld actually served on active, the best thing I can say about him is that he was not a draft dodging coward like Bush, Cheney, and Rove. He was merely delusional and incompetent.

good to know he has a heart...I wasn't sure

Oh, and those "compassionate conservatives" are Snerd? See the link I posted. Libs have been nice way too long. Live with it. You think Rummy gives one hemorrhoid pinched turd about all the destruction and carnage he's helped inflict in the Middle East? YGTBSM If that's your definition of God's way then no wonder people are running from Christianity faster than Bush from Vietnam.

No one who actually served on active duty would have anything good to say about Rumsfeld. I served in[V]ietnam and the best I can say is that at least he was not some ultra right christian sideshow freak and redneck bigot, like most of [W]'s base.
I'll end with what is closest to a voice of reason left on the Left.
I retired from the Navy 3.5 years ago. I certainly don't like Donald Rumsfeld. I personally think he is an idiot. I don't like the guy , or the fact that our men and women are over there. In spite of that, I sure as hell wouldn't stoop to the level some of you have. Get rid of the hatred and do something positive for a change. Go ahead and flame away. Show the world just how intolerant the party of tolerance really is.
Way to bring in that classic liberal compassion.