Friday, March 16, 2007

That's Right, I'm The Man of Steel

Hat tip to Hot Air which posts both of these stories, which prove that I may survive well into my hundreds:

The first is a study that shows that prayer has a "small, but significant" beneficial effect on the sick. Allah sums it up:

The author looked at 17 studies [on the effects of prayer on recovery] over 40 years and found “significant improvement or favorable trends” among patients in 12 of them, according to the Arizona Republic.
He also points out the atheist objections against it. They can bitch and moan all they want for all I care. I know prayer works and will keep practising it no matter what any scientific study tells me.

The second story is this one:
He doesn’t ask for directions after repeatedly taking wrong turns, and when he’s hurt you’d never know it.

The stereotypical “tough guy” or “real man” rarely asks for help or shows signs of weakness, because then he wouldn’t be a guy, right?

While many scientists have considered these masculine tendencies to be barriers to health and recovery, a small study of about 50 men suggests the opposite. The man-of-steel mentality, often associated with military men and those in other high-risk occupations, can boost and speed up a guy’s recovery from a serious and/or traumatic injury possibly.

“It has long been assumed that men are not as concerned and don't take as good of care of their health,” said lead study author Glenn Good of the University of Missouri, Columbia, “but what we're seeing here is that the same ideas that led to their injuries may actually encourage their recovery.”
Wait a minute. Aren't you going to throw some anti-war rhetoric into your scientific study?
The annual incidence of traumatic brain injuries in the United States is greater than that of all cancers, Good writes in his study, and men account for three-quarters of such injuries. The number will increase if the Iraq war continues, he said.
Thanks. Allah adds a good exit question:
Isn’t it better to be a cringing beta male who never takes risks and therefore never has to heal in the first place?
Regardless of all of Allah's complaints, the fact is, I'm going to live to be at least 154 years-old.