Friday, March 16, 2007

More Unhinged Liberal "Humor"

What's funnier than joking about wanting to kill the POTUS? Pretty much everything. But leave it to Digg to have this right on their (video) homepage:

Here's the video:

And here are the "tags" that College Humor gives it:

Wow. Real funny.

Some of the unhinged comments over there:

Who doesnt? I mean come on. I really want to kill the president of the united states, with a mortor [sic] launcher. First!

Is this true? Cause if so, that's a bunch of bullshit. What happened to freedom of speech up in this piece?

[A mortar launcher is] accurate if you can do math and it has the range and a large enough blast radius that you can be off a few feet. Perfect for killing the pr- I mean WW2 Nazis.

rpg + a plane with airforce and one in the name beats mortar any day
Most of those are just stupid college students posting what they find to be funny, therefor, the true award for unhinged moron comment goes to "Happy Happy Happy Man" from - you guessed it - UC Berkley:
Hmm... it's interesting to know that at this point killing the president would almost be in the country's best interest. I say "almost" because if he died, Cheney would take his place...
The base of the Democrat party in this Country has become completely unhinged.

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