Monday, March 12, 2007

'Whale Of A Tale!'

Apparently you don't want to mess with a whale:

"The current was pushing the divers into the whale," said Bridget Server, who videotaped the encounter. "They were basically right on top of the whale."

In fact, a group of three divers including Thornton had drifted directly above a 40-ton mother whale and her eight-ton baby, which was sleeping on her back.

From his hospital bed, Thornton explained what happened next.

"They both came up under us. The calf got spooked, spooked the mother," he said. "The mother flipped and threw the group every which way but loose."

The force was so intense, a videotape recording of the accident shows the actual impact and snapping of Thornton's femur, or thigh bone. You can hear a loud pop when his leg is broken.

Who in their right mind would swim up to a 40 ton whale?

Watch the video to hear the sickening pop when the divers leg is broken (the below should work soon. If not, the video is here.):