Monday, March 12, 2007

Judge Allows Terror Supporter A Trip To Disney World

Isn't our justice system wonderful?

A federal judge in Illinois on Thursday approved a request for a trip to Disney World by a man who the government had once accused of aiding Palestinian militants, brushing aside prosecutors' claims that he may instead flee.

"I'm confident that he will come back," U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve said in giving former Chicago grocer Muhammad Salah permission to make the trip to the Florida vacation spot....

..."I get to take it off," a smiling Salah told reporters after court, pointing to a bulge under his left sock where the government has placed an electronic monitoring bracelet to make sure he stays under house arrest.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph M. Ferguson opposed allowing Salah to take off the monitoring bracelet or make the trip.

"His word has been found worthless by a jury," Ferguson said.

And libs bitch that we're being cruel to terrorists! We're letting them go to Disney World!

I don't know this guys' story, but if he's been convicted of aiding terrorists, he should be hanging from a tree somewhere. If he's suspected of terrorism, he should be sitting in a concrete room awaiting trial. Don't be surprised when this guy flees the country and ends up in Palestine killing Jews, or Iraq killing American soldiers.

(Hat tip: Jawa)