Thursday, April 19, 2007

Radical Islam Loves Cho, Cho Loves Nazis

So while it appears that psycho VTech killer Cho Seung-Hui had no influences from Islam, the Religion of Peace is certainly taking a liking to him.

Over at Basharee Murtadd, they've done some digging to find the reactions of radical Islam to the VTech mass killings:

And now, turning to our peace-loving Muslims at an Arabic Islamic forum, I translate some of their ‘condolences’:

Al-Jazeera reported 20 dead and 29 injured. Praise be to Allah.

Praise be to Allah for these calamities hitting America. By the will of Allah, more of this [will happen], following their defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

O Allah, keep America busy with itself, and enamor its people against it.

And then they found this picture on another site:

Translation: “The first picture of the South Korean Shaikh, Abu Mus’Ab Al-Virgini [the Virginian]” (an attempt to make him seem like Abu Mus’Ab Al-Zarqawi)
There are plenty more disgusting comments and what-not from radical Islamic websites, check them out if you can stomach it.

Meanwhile, it looks like Cho might have had a little interest in Nazism. LGF notes:
One of the pictures received by NBC News from the Virginia Tech mass murderer suggests a neo-Nazi connection; with the heading, “The number of the Anti-Terrorist,” Cho drew the number “88”—a well-known neo-Nazi reference to the phrase “Heil Hitler.” (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.)
All of these freak killers are fascinated with the Nazis. What better example of senseless killing on a massive scale?